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Saitama Finally Enters The Fray Again In One-Punch Man Manga


One-Punch Man is a very curious manga and anime series when you think about it. Because as its legendary creator ONE (who also made Mob Psycho 100) notes, it’s really about a guy at the END of his series being dropped into the START of his arc and thus has no one really to challenge him. That “him” is of course Saitama, and part of the interesting bit about the story is that they have to figure out ways to keep him away from the fight…else it would be over in…ONE PUNCH!!!

Hence why the current One-Punch Man manga chapter is so interesting. Because for many chapters now, Saitama and others have been trapped underground with no clear way out. Things finally changed when the No.1 hero named Blast finally emerged from his absence (which began basically since the beginning of the series) and helped them…in his own way.

As Chapter 152 notes, Saitama has finally entered the battle against the Monsters’ Association, and not a moment too soon. Many of the S-Class Heroes have fallen and the odds are getting further stacked against them. And so since Saitama is there, it means things are about to turn around quickly…more than likely.

The big question for fans though is that of the anime. When the first season of the adapted manga came out, people loved it. Then they waited years for Season 2…and it wasn’t the same quality. Especially when it came to how the story was shown and the animations that were made. Not to mention it didn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger at the season finale.

Fans are eager to see if the show can bounce back, but whether it honestly will, or when it will attempt its redemption, is unknown. However, Saitama’s reach and popularity still grows, as shown in the recent Death Battle season finale where he made his debut.