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RWBY and Attack On Titan Collide With Blake Vs Mikasa Death Battle!

Blake Vs Mikasa Death Battle

Death Battle promised a lot of things with their “10-Year Anniversary Season” and so far we’ve gotten “banned” matchups”, a battle of doom bringers, a martial arts showdown and an edgelord clash. But now, the war is being taken to the air via the Blake Vs Mikasa Death Battle! Yes, it’s Blake Belladonna from RWBY (made by Death Battle parent company Rooster Teeth) and Mikasa Ackerman from the recently ended (in the manga anyway) Attack on Titan. A truly unique clash of shows, wouldn’t you say?

For those who aren’t familiar with one or either franchise, these two combatants match well against each other in certain ways. Their weapons are ones that are grapplers and are able to give themselves perfect control of their movements in ways that most can’t. Furthermore, they’re freedom fighters who have dedicated themselves to fighting monsters of all sizes (and have had boyfriends who are…questionable at best).

The fight itself is the second 3D Death Battle of the season, as well as the first time Attack on Titan has been featured in a pure Death Battle (not including a DBX that had a member of the series going up against Spider-Man but that doesn’t count for various reasons).

You can watch the Blake Vs Mikasa Death Battle below!

As for the next matchup, we have one that might cause a bit of a stir amongst the community as it’s Po from Kung Fu Panda vs Iron Fist from Marvel Comics.

Usually, when Marvel characters arrive they go and tangle with their DC Comics counterparts (like with a previous battle between Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom) but here…we’re getting Kung Fu Panda.

Po from the series is a bit more powerful than the average viewer might realize and Iron Fist is one of the best martial artists in all of Marvel Comics so what happens when these two clash? We’ll find out in two weeks.