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The Rumors Are True: Supergirl Is Moving To The CW


The announcement came from Warner Bros. Television this afternoon: Supergirl has been renewed for a second season, but that season will air on The CW, not CBS. Supergirl was originally pitched to The CW but they turned it down.

While it registered as the #1 new CBS drama and the fourth most popular new show of the season, it was also prohibitively expensive at $3 mil an episode. So if CBS can’t afford it, how can The CW? By pulling the old trick of shifting production from Hollywood to Hollywood Jr. The second season will be shot in Vancouver BC, the production home of over half the shows on The CW. It was thought that this might result in losing Calista Flockhart, who’s publically said she prefers working in LA — but she’s confirmed she will stay on the show as Cat Grant.

Now the question becomes where, exactly, they’re going to find room to air this. The CW is still a five-night-a-week, two-hours-a-night network….and they have already renewed EVERY show they currently air. They’ve got three DC-based shows returning next season, and now they have a fourth. Can such a little network possibly fit in Green Arrow, The Flash, Hawkgirl, Rip Hunter, Black Canary, Supergirl AND Jane the Virgin?? Figuring out the fall schedule is going to be a tricky game of Tetris.

Supergirl ended its first season with an average figure of 10 million viewers, which would result in a confetti party over at the CW — but of course, those numbers won’t sustain themselves. This is, however, the network that renews everything no matter how low the ratings get — they gave “Beauty and the Beast” FOUR seasons. Supergirl could have a long life at The CW.