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Rumor: 2020 Could Be The Year Of Mario


Mario is the ultimate video gamer comfort food. No matter how bad a day you’re having, no matter what chaos is going on outside, you can always slap on the power button of a retro Nintendo console and there he is, a bouncing plumber in a world of fungus, never changing, always ready to have a good time. The new shut-ins of the world need Mario, and Nintendo seems ready to answer the call in a big way.

That is, if the rumor spreading like wildfire across the Internet turns out to hold weight. Mario turns 35 in 2020 (yep, he’s a Millennial) and the reports coming from various news outlets suggest Nintendo is celebrating with the remastering of the entire Mario series on Switch. The NES and SNES Super Mario games are already playable on the system, thanks to Nintendo Switch Online, but they’re about to take it further.

Reports suggest this could mean a high-definition, widescreen Super Mario Sunshine for the first time ever. It could mean an overdue HD re-release for Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2. And it could mean the last holdout from the Wii U lineup, Super Mario 3D World, could at last get its Switch port. It would really be nice if this was all true.

This hypothetical announcement would involve more than just games. 2020 has always been the targeted opening year for Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, though we’ll see how Japan feels about theme parks being open this summer. The first public details could also be announced for the Super Mario animated movie being produced by Illumination.

Nintendo was asked multiple times for comment on the rumor, and sent back the usual deflections: Eurogamer was told Nintendo “did not comment on rumor or speculation” and they told Polygon they had “nothing to announce” yet. While they aren’t answers, they aren’t denials either.