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Rugrats Return On Paramount+ May 27


So many episodes of Rugrats were produced throughout the 90s and early 2000s that the world wasn’t exactly starving for more. But it was a success, and by Hollywood rules, anything that worked once is worth doing twice twenty years later. The ‘rats are back, and in 3-D.

We’re certainly not the first people online to question the decision to go CGI with this Rugrats remake. The Klasky-Csupo house style was notoriously lumpy and ugly, and adding a Z-axis just makes those lumps stand out more. All the characters’ personalities are unchanged, though….Tommy is still brave, Chuckie is still a coward, Angelica is still a (naughty word deleted). And every original voice actor for the babies who’s still alive is reprising their roles: E.G. Daily is Tommy, Nancy Cartwright is Chuckie, Cheryl Chase is Angelica, Cree Summer is Susie, and Kath Soucie is both Phil and Lil.

Not only are the voices back, but so are Klasky and Csupo (no, they aren’t getting remarried). Getting some of the original creative team to return is rare among reboots these days, but in this case, it doesn’t help much. Early episodes of Rugrats were sharp and witty, but as the show went on well past its expiration date, the quality suffered, and the final few seasons just aren’t very good (and the less said about All Grown Up, the better). That all happened under Arlene and Gabor’s noses.

There was a time when Rugrats dominated Nickelodeon as its most popular program, until a certain yellow sponge arrived and stole the audience. Will kids today be as enthralled with the naive adventures of these babbling tots and their bratty nemesis? Depends on if they find it — not many homes right now subscribe to Paramount+. The reboot debuts its first episode, an hour-long special called “Second Time Around,” on May 27.