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Ruckus Now Available In Your Dreams


“Dreams” – the Media Molecule-devised user-generated game creation system on PlayStation 4 – has a Ruckus going on with the availability of “Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster”, a game-within-the-game created by Heart Factory KW.


“Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster” features a giant newt/salamander/mudskipper-looking creature that is actually supposed to be a baby version of Godzilla not so much terrorizing what might be a game version of Tokyo as much as just strutting around looking cute in that game version of Tokyo [and if some airplanes happen to mysteriously fall to the ground while the baby version of Godzilla is in the process of strutting, well, those things happen].


In “Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster”, there is the usual storyline of the monster invading the city, it is just that, in this case, the monster is so dang cute. Nevertheless, it is – technically – classified as a monster, and as such, does monster-like things, such as eating those pesky airplanes, knocking down those pesky airplanes or just cutting to the chase and firing lasers at those pesky airplanes. You can even play as the pesky airplanes – but do not expect to have too much success against a giant newt/salamander/mudskipper unless you consider yourself to be such a skilled pilot that you can successfully evade a newt/salamander/mudskipper-generated laser firing.


To add another element of cachet to the “Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster”, there is even a newscast providing breaking news updates as Ruckus goes on the rampage throughout the city – and watch out for that tail!