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Rosario Dawson Talks Watching Star Wars Animated Series To Get Ready For Ashoka Role

Ashoka Tano, Rosario Dawson

There has been a LOT of Star Wars news over the past few days due to Star Wars Celebration going on. And one of the bigger things was hearing from the cast and crew and hearing about how hard they’re working to try and get the next wave of Star Wars shows up and going. Including the Rosario Dawson starring Ashoka series.

Ashoka Tano of course was born via the beloved Star Wars The Clone Wars cartoon, then got her own books and appeared for some time in the Star Wars Rebels series. At Star Wars Celebration, Rosario Dawson talked about not just getting the role, but rewatching the cartoons so that she could get a better sense of who Ashoka was:

“Over and over and over again, yes, freeze-framing,” Dawson says. “I think some of my favorite stuff is actually, so we work with this amazing stunt coordinator, Ming, who is a Jedi like literally. She was taken into a temple at nine years old and from nine to 19 only saw her family once a year, so she was basically a youngling, and then trained in martial arts for 10 full years, and that’s who’s training us in Wushu and all kinds of things. And I will take freeze frames and clips from the shows and show her and be like, ‘Ahsoka can do this. Can we can you train me to do this? And she’s like, ‘That is not physically possible. that’s an animation, but this we can do.” And it’s been really, really, really amazing. So thank goodness for all of that research and history that we get to play off of.”

That will no doubt be heartwarming for fans, as they absolutely want to Dawson to “be like Ashoka” in as many ways as possible. The Ashoka series will arrive on Disney+ in 2023.