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Rockstar Games Gives New Outline For Future Update Of Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is getting another update soon, won’t it? What will be in it?

Rockstar Games is taking the beta of Red Dead Online very seriously. And they’re aiming to make the game as good as it can be, as well as expanding upon what the game can offer.

A big change is coming next week, as a new “Hostility System” will be added:

The Hostility system builds upon the anti-griefing measures added in February with smarter and responsive features that keep players immersed in the world through confrontations and PvP action. For example, players who have damage inflicted on them by attackers will be able to defend themselves without incurring Bounties or Hostility increases. Previously, the attacker and target would be marked as an enemy – now the attacker who inflicts damage will be immediately marked as an enemy to the attacked player; players will not accumulate Hostility increases for killing other players who are marked as an enemy.

Hostility increases will not apply within structured events such as Free Roam Events, Free Roam Missions, Showdowns and Races. Engaging in player vs player behaviors related to Free Roam missions will not incur Hostility increases, however attacking other players not engaged in the activity will cause your Hostility level to rise.

The Hostility System has many more functions and will help balance experiences for all play styles.

The previous update for Red Dead Online aimed to help settle griefing and hostility amongst players, but it didn’t work. Now, it might get to where the players want to be.

There will also be new modes added to the game. So check out the breakdown on the page to see what’s all coming.