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Roaring Skies Come to Pokemon TCG on May 6


As a certain golden-maned conqueror might say, “WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?” They’re here, in the latest upgrade to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon XY: Roaring Skies.

Roaring Skies adds over 100 new cards to the lineup, including Mega EX evolutions for Dragon-type Pokemon such as Mega Rayquaza-EX, Mega Latios-EX, Hydreigon-EX, Thundurus-EX and more. The new lineup also includes Half-Art cards (where the art extends into and beyond the text box) as well as 18 new Trainer cards, with two full-art Trainers and one Special Energy.

New strategies will be required with Ancient Traits, which give various advantages in battle — similar to Abilities, but from a pre-set pool. In addition, a new Mega Evolution rule requires trainers to end their turn once a Pokemon-EX evolves into its Mega form, unless a specific Spirit Link card is used. Or you can just forget the rules and keep playing anyway — Nintendo’s not watching you.

Roaring Skies will be sold in two new theme decks, Aurora Blast and Storm Rider, as well as booster packs of 10 cards each. Each deck will include an in-pack code card that will unlock virtual cards for play in Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, as well as in the Pokemon TCG app. Roaring Skies will be flying into any store where Pokemon junk is sold this May.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) is a collectible and competitive trading card game. In the competitive Pokemon TCG, each player constructs a deck of 60 cards and uses it to battle against other players in a fast-paced, strategy-oriented play. Since the debut of the Pokemon TCG in 1996, more than 21.5 billion cards have been shipped to 74 countries around the world.