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Rimba Racer – Season Two, Episode Two Review: “Right On Time”


I’ve always loved clock levels in video games. Tick Tock Clock, in Super Mario 64, was one of the best levels in the game. With its spinning gears and swinging pendulums, the level’s moving parts made for a challenging platforming experience. It’s rarer to find cartoons that make use of the setting, but clock towers do show up from time to time, and years later, I still remember that episode of Jackie Chan Adventures where the characters fought inside of one. So what does Rimba Racer do with its own clock tower? It sets a high speed race inside of it! Just as with Mario, Rimba Racer used all of the moving parts to its advantage, with racers needing to slip through gears and avoid getting knocked off of the track by giant pendulums. I enjoyed it very much.  The pacing of this episode was top-notch. It started on the racetrack but flashed back to the events leading up to the race at numerous points. I’m not normally a fan of that style of storytelling, as I prefer a linear experience, but it worked well in this instance. Nothing felt out of place, and when something happened either during the race or before it, there was always a transition that gave the scene purpose.

There weren’t many plot developments in this episode. It mainly focused on what has been going on with Miles and Tag, and frankly, I’m not sure why Miles didn’t just talk to him. I feel like stories often drag out plots like these by having the characters refuse to communicate, so I’m hoping that the two of them will sort things out. We also got to see how Meika is getting stressed out due to the nature of her work, and how it’s impacting her relationship with Sonny. I’ve always liked the dynamic that the two of them have and I’m glad that the show is continuing to show that off.  I’m also curious to see where the “love triangle” between Meelo, Krom and Vyxx goes, as even though Vyxx isn’t interested in either of them, Meelo’s attempts to spend time with her were both amusing and sweet.  All in all, this was a satisfying episode but it still feels like it’s building up to greater things. I’m hoping we’ll get a pay-off on some of these plot-lines sooner rather than later, as I’m still reeling from the season one finale. This episode can be watched on the official Rimba Racer YouTube channel, which is uploading episodes every Saturday morning.