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Rimba Racer – Season Two, Episode Six Review: “Lines In The Sand”


The previous episode ended on a cliffhanger and we were left waiting to see what happened. It’s unfortunate, then, that there was no immediate payoff. I was waiting for this precise moment ever since the season one finale, yet when caught in the act, Meika barely managed to say four words before running away awkwardly. Meelo was the only one acting with any sense. He was rightfully angry and wanted answers from her. He was willing to chase her down when she ran. Yet Miles, Tag and Sonny wanted to leave her alone and directed their inquiries elsewhere. I know she was their friend, but really, if you found your friend breaking into your house and rummaging through your bedroom, I’m pretty sure you would want a proper explanation before letting them just leave.  I’m pleased to say that the episode at least ended with a proper confrontation. The scene at the end was very powerful and it was exactly the reaction I was hoping for. I loved the way this episode ended and it just about made up for how anticlimactic that first confrontation was.

The rest of the episode was good but it treaded a lot of old ground. Much of the episode was spent on bringing characters up to speed and putting them on the same page as the audience. We already knew that Riq was alive and that the Ringmasters were secretly in charge of the RGP. We also already knew that Pike, Vyxx and Xeno were working for the Ringmasters, as the show made no attempt to hide that from us. So when the show spent four-or-five minutes revealing these details to Tag and his friends, it made sense narratively, but it wasn’t exactly riveting television. But now that all of the characters are on the same page and they know who the villains actually are, I’m hoping the plot will get a lot more tense going forward.

The episode’s race was fun. The twist introduced for the race was that the track was a constantly shifting maze, which made for some very interesting moments. Meelo using his grappling hook to swing outside of the maze’s boundaries and get back inside through another exit was pretty impressive. I also like how the rivalry between Tamira and Vyxx is continuing to develop and their battles in these races are always well done.

Just like before, this episode can be watched on the official Rimba Racer YouTube channel. The next episode should be out on July 21st.  An indiegogo campaign is still planned to launch in the near future, although the exact date is currently unknown.