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Rimba Racer – Season Two, Episode Four Review: “A Lesson In History”


I previously mentioned how it felt like the Miles and Tag subplot was starting to overstay its welcome. I’m glad, then, that this episode puts it to bed once and for all, as it clears the air between the two of them and gives us a whopping feast of backstory. Nearly all of the episode takes place in the past, following Miles and Riq in the final days leading up to Riq’s fateful crash. I’ve been trying to avoid referencing any of the big twists from season one in these reviews, as I didn’t wish to rob anybody of those experiences. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear that I can no longer do that. If you haven’t watched season one by now, you really should – it’s a fantastic experience.

We learn a great deal in this episode, mainly that the Ringmasters originally wanted Riq to lead the RGP. It was only when he declined that they recruited King for the job. Because they made their pitch to him, he knew too much, so they arranged the accident to keep him from ratting them out. In one of the saddest moments in the show, Riq hears on the news that he has been pronounced dead, yet is unable to tell his family he is still alive because he fears that the Ringmasters will find out about them and hurt them as a result. It was a very powerful scene. It’s even sadder when you take into consideration that Tag’s mother died some point thereafter, and that Riq was never able to be with her again or even say goodbye.

I do question why Miles didn’t simply share his side of the story two episodes ago, when Tag first confronted him about the sabotage. I know Miles felt guilty because he thought he was the one who caused the accident, but he should have known that saying nothing wouldn’t have ended well. But now that this specter is no longer looming over the show, perhaps Miles, Riq and Tag can properly set their sights on the Ringmasters and the games can begin in earnest. Just like usual, this episode can be watched on the official Rimba Racer YouTube channel, which is uploading episodes every Saturday morning.