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Rick & Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures


With each month that passes without hearing anything about Rick & Morty’s third season, it’s looking like Mr. Poopybutthole’s forecast of “a year and a half, or longer” may unfortunately come true. But Adult Swim is at least trying to fill in the gap with Rick & Morty: The Non-Canonical Adventures, brief shorts less than 20 seconds long that will air as bumpers on the network soon.

Rendered in stop-motion clay, they are all homages to famous movies, and none of them are as funny as Rick and Morty acting out a courtroom transcript verbatim, but they work. This is the duo in the roles of Laurie Strode and Mike Myers from Halloween (better four days late than never):

If they had to parody The Fly, it was inevitably going to be the Cronenberg version:

This is, of course, The Thing, where Rick tensely tests the blood of the family to determine which of them is a shape-shifting alien creature.

It gets fairly recent with this spoof of Ex Machina:

They even do Honey I Shrunk The Kids, only since it’s Rick, the outcome is rather different.