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Rick And Morty Make Surprise Appearance At Deadmau5 Concert

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Cartoons, video games, comics — where will Rick and Morty turn up next? How about during a Deadmau5 concert? Over a minute of new material for the duo made a surprise appearance on the DJ’s monitors during a New Years celebration. The mad scientist and his unwilling grandson unwittingly counted down the seconds to 2018, believing the clock above them to be a bomb and Deadmau5 himself to be Mickey Mouse.

It’s hard to judge the quality of the animation from the distance this video was shot from, but from here it appears to be some quick Flash movement made just for the concert. The voices, however, are authentically from co-creator Justin Roiland. Morty is in top form, but Rick sounds a little out of it.

Why are Rick and Morty showing up here? Because Deadmau5 is a huge fan of the show. Huge enough to start a fist fight over Szechuan sauce? Actually…maybe. He was one of the top bidders for a container of the sauce sold on eBay last August, throwing in $11,600 just because of Rick’s drooling endorsement.

We anticipate most of Rick and Morty’s appearances throughout 2018 will be of this nature — random cameos and shorts. Due to production time, don’t expect any new episodes of the series this year, but there will be lots of comic book spinoffs courtesy of Oni Press.

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