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Rick & Morty Creators Writing For New MST3K

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The MST3K Kickstarter is within its final hours, and co-creator Joel Hodgson is pulling out all the stops. At this point enough has been raised for a nine-episode season, but if just one more million can be gathered by the time the buzzer sounds, they can guarantee a full twelve episodes.

And what a season it will theoretically be! In addition to Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt being cast as the two Mads, Joel has now revealed much of the riff-writing staff, and it sounds excellent. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, creators of the greatest cartoon of our modern age (Rick & Morty) have now been confirmed as writers. So has Dana Gould, former writer for The Simpsons (and before that, the voice of a talking gecko from a mascot platforming game in the 90’s). Also on staff is Rob Schrab, director of the upcoming Lego Movie 2, Pat Rothfuss, writer of the novel “The Name of the Wind,” and Ernest Cline, writer of the gamer fantasy “Ready Player One.”

Of course, what ends up in the show depends on the best riffs that are pitched. Joel says anyone on staff can get a line in if it’s good, meaning the final product will be a soup of many talents. There will also be some backers of the Kickstarter who will be contributing a line or two to the script, as per the terms of their reward.

Songwriter Robert Lopez will be cooking up new songs for the Bots to sing — this guy co-wrote “Let It Go,” so be warned that some severe earworms are on the way. And just a few hours ago, Joel dropped his list of potential cameos that might happen during the season: Jack Black, Bill Hader, Joel McHale, Neil Patrick Harris and Jerry Seinfeld! (No guarantees here; the scripts haven’t even been written. They’re just interested actors.)

At last count the Kickstarter has raised 4.5 million. Keep contributing — we can make it to twelve shows!