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Rick & Morty Creators Speak About Season Finale & Third Season

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Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, creators of the Adult Swim show Rick & Morty (which is also the greatest show on television right now), sat down with The Hollywood Reporter on the eve of their Season 2 finale episode. Here are some of the most interesting revelations from that interview….

It takes longer to plot some episodes out than others “It took almost the entire season’s worth of prep time to write the first episode,” says Harmon. “And then the Purge episode, it literally took just as much time for me to type the first three-quarters of that episode as it did to watch it.”

We were originally supposed to get both halves of the finale story as a two-parter “In trying to write the second part [of the finale], we just couldn’t write. We were just blocked and exhausted. It was three o’clock in the morning, and I said, “What about this Purge thing we keep talking about? Let’s just do that.” And [writer and voice castmember] Ryan Ridley was like, “Well, we can’t start writing a new episode now that we’ve spent all this time trying to break the story for this thing,” and I was like, “No, we can.” And in a fit, I just started jamming out this thing, almost sarcastically writing an episode, which is really how we wrote the pilot.”

In Season 3, for the first time in Rick & Morty history, some of the plots and dialogue will be written by non-men “It hasn’t been an agenda thing, but just coincidentally for some reason — I don’t know why — this staffing round going into season three, we got a lot of female scripts in addition to male scripts,” Roiland points out. “We just look at what’s the best scripts — I think in the running, we have five or six girls. It’s weird — that’s never happened before. We’ve gone from having zero spec scripts [in the running from female] candidates, to having five or six of them, so it’s looking very likely that season three will have one, potentially two gals in the room. I think it will be fun and interesting.”

Mr. Meeseeks will definitely return in Season 3 “I’m going to make that a personal promise to myself. (Laughs.) I’m going to force Mr. Meeseeks into season three.”

Read the full interview at the Hollywood Reporter’s website. Expect Rick & Morty’s third season to show up in a year and a half or possibly longer.

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