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Rick and Morty Team Tease Season 5…and Season 7

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Every once in a while, a show comes along that no one really expects to be good, and yet, it blows everyone’s minds and suddenly no one wants the show to end in any meaningful way. That is exactly the case with Rick and Morty. Because at first glance it’s a ripoff of Back To The Future mixed with various sci-fi elements, but it soon became a grand epic of insantiy, time travel, dimensional travel, clones, Pickle Rick and so much more. Every single season is highly anticipated, including the upcoming season 5.

During a special “Global Celebration” hosted by Adult Swim (and documented by ComicBook.com), we got some updates from the team behind Rick and Morty, and they teased some “epic canon” happening in the upcoming season 5, including more on “Space Beth”, the clone of Beth that Rick sent to the stars and she became a powerful warrior. Of course, we THINK she’s the clone…no one really knows if she’s the real Beth or not, not even Rick.

Co-Creator Dan Harmon promised there would be more with her and that she wasn’t a “one-off character”. Producer Scott Marder was also on the panel and he praised season 5 for all the craziness and canon that’s about to be shot at fans’ faces. He noted that fans would be “knocked over” by what they’re about to behold.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Harmon noted at the panel that they aren’t just working on Season 5, or even Season 6, they’re already on Season 7. Granted, this is likely just writing and concepts for what’s to come, but hearing that they’re already that far ahead might be a sign that the next several batches of episodes may come more easily depending on animation speeds.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of the show, you clearly have a LOT to look forward to once Season 5 hits.