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Rick and Morty Team Talk Latest Episode’s Heartwrenching Moment

Adult Swim Upfront 2013 - Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty premieres in 2013 on Adult Swim.

Anyone who watches Rick and Morty knows that this is a show that does NOT hold back on its M-rated content in various ways. Outside of the obscenities that are typical in these kinds of cartoons, this show is known for being incredibly violent and doing all kinds of psychological torment onto the various characters of the show. Sure, it’s a “funny” show but the reason it’s lasted so long is that it’s not going to pull its punches and the third episode of Season 5 showed that in a brutal way.

Long story short, after the loss of one potential love, Morty falls for a Captain Planet parody known as Planetina (yes, for real) and things went from infatuation to real romance REALLY quickly (and possibly illegally, but it’s a cartoon…so whatever). And then, at the end Morty found out that there can be a lot of darkness in a relationship when you rush into it and don’t know your partner as well as you think you do.

Morty dumping her in the final scene of the episode broke a lot of hearts and it got even more emotional as Morty had a tender moment with his mother, crying in her arms over the heartbreak he had just gone through.

In a special “Inside The Episode”, the creators of Rick and Morty detailed why they did this episode as they did.

Originally, the point was for them to give Morty his first “true heartbreak” but they didn’t want it to be a cop-out of sorts by having her dump him and instead seal the true pain of the heartbreak by him still liking Planetina and yet having to dump her because of her own actions.

Plus, as noted, it allowed a rare moment of bonding between Morty and mother Beth. So it goes to show that the team really do want to make every single episode special and that going the “easy path” isn’t for them.