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Rick And Morty Season Six Returns November 20

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It’s still a mystery why Rick And Morty abruptly stopped airing its latest season last month. Production delays are our best guess, but after Season 6 Episode 6 (the dinosaur episode, if you recall), it went into reruns again. There are four remaining.

We’ll get those four starting November 20 and to prove it, AS sent out this new short trailer. Since Rick has finally fixed his portal gun, a lingering plot thread from Season 5’s finale that took multiple episodes to resolve, he and his hapless target — er, grandson can get back to business — the kind that usually involves gooey aliens, explosions, and lots of selfish backstabbing on Rick’s part.

Rick has another session with Dr. Wong that probably won’t improve any of his tendencies. Implied plots are as vague as ever, but Rick spouts out the line “Who would have thought giving the Amish nukes would have threatened the solar system?”

“I think we’re kind of finally back into the rhythm of Rick And Morty,” co-creator Justin Roiland is quoted as saying. But there will be more beyond the season itself: a Rick and Morty anime series is on the way — not just another special, but an entire series. It will be directed by the same guy behind the two existing anime shorts, Takashi Sanok. Another non-canonical R&M clay cartoon, “Summer’s Nightmare,” just debuted on Halloween from filmmaker Lee Hardcastle.

Rick And Morty is the one Adult Swim original we can say with some confidence will return with more seasons — and this is only because Harmon and Roiland strong-armed the suits into an ironclad contract that guaranteed a run though Episode 100. This is when there were different suits and it’s doubtful Zaslav would have been as generous. Anyway, as Rick might put it, “it’s the only thing you can be sure of in your depressing future.”