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Rick And Morty Season 8 Has Begun Production


There are certain shows out there in the world that you wonder how they aren’t picked up for longer runs, and there are ones that you look and wonder how they lasted so long. And of course, there are ones that you are shocked got as popular as they did, and for that last one, Rick And Morty is king. This show on Adult Swim blew everyone’s minds with its insane characters, plots, references to pop culture, and more. Due to this, Adult Swim has been quick to make sure that it lasts a long time.

But how long is something that fans honestly don’t know, but at the very least, we have an update on at least one later season that is coming. Because according to longtime writer Rob Schrab, they’re already working on Rick And Morty Season 8!

Yes, you read that right, they’re working on the scripts for the eighth season, even though Season 6 of the show hasn’t even been given a release date yet, and while fans are still recovering from Season 5!

But this isn’t a case of them “getting too far ahead of themselves”. They’ve already been approved for a lot of new episodes. You see, after Season 6 of the show got renewed, Adult Swim noted that 70 more episodes of the series were approved. As such, they can divide that up any way they want to.

Even if, based on past seasons, Season 6 was 15 episodes, and 7 was the same, that would leave 40 episodes left to make, more than enough for Seasons 8, 9, and a shortened 10 if they play it that way.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they’re already “done” with Season 6, it’s well know that writers of animated series need to get done with the scripts well in advance so that animators can get into it. But if nothing else, it’s a good sign that Rick And Morty are here to stay for quite a while.