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Rick and Morty Gets New Trailer AND Video Game Short

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The series Rick and Morty is nothing if not…unique. What might have started off as a twisted riff of Back to the Future in terms of characters quickly morphed into one of the most insane and beloved adult-oriented cartoons out there. Seriously, this isn’t for kids if you somehow didn’t know already. The show has not only made fun of pop culture and other tropes at every turn, but its story is almost never what you expect and things continued to get crazy in Season 4.

But ever since that season, fans have wondered when Season 5 would arrive. The pandemic went and slowed things down by the team’s admission, but there is hope in the future as Rick and Morty Season 5 will debut on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on June 20th. What’s more, as fans wait for it, Adult Swim has launched a new trailer for the season that you can go and watch below:

Yeah, as you can see, there’s a LOT going on in that trailer. Including blatant making fun of things like Voltron, Star Wars, and even Captain Planet! As you can see, this show has absolutely no shame and yet that’s kind of the point if you think about it.

Things not shown in the trailer though include the return of Beth’s clone known as “Space Beth”, and many fans think that Season 5 will reveal which Beth is real, though obviously…that’s not assured.

BUT…if that’s a bit too long of a wait for you and you want to go and watch something in the universe right now…there is something you can do. Mainly, there’s a brand new Rick and Morty “short” (it’s 17-minutes long) that was released in conjunction with the new trailer.

It’s a video game-themed short that has Rick and Morty in 16-bit style trying to save a simulation. There’s a lot of video game and Rick and Morty references in it so try and catch them all!