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Rick and Morty Gets Kaiju Anime Halloween Special

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If there’s one thing that Rick and Morty has learned how to do, it’s break expectations and showcase just how wild and wacky it can be. The latest season (which arrived after a LONG delay) proved that in spades, and while it’ll be awhile before Season 6 airs, it appears that fans won’t have to wait too long for their next adventure. We say that because it’s out right now, what a twist!

What’s more, it’s not just any Rick and Morty short, it’s a 10-minute anime/Halloween inspired episode that once again highlights what this show is all about: insanity and Easter Eggs. You see, Rick is trying to make an AI toaster (that he’s somehow been failing to finish for 30 years…) but when he needs a certain part to make it work, they need to head to Akihabara, Japan.

Which apparently is a place full of monsters called Yokai. You can see where this is going, right?

Yep, because as it turns out, Rick has an “eternal rival” that he “accidentally” buried inside of an old lab of his, and as a result, Rick along with Morty have to go andfight a supernatural Kaiju that this rival summons. So you know, a basic episode.

Obviously, there are all sorts of references to Japan and anime within the episode, including Cosplay, Pacific Rim, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, kaiju and so on, and yeah, it doesn’t end like you would expect it to, thus making it a perfect small watch for you.

This is but the latest little short that the series has done, and it’s possible that more of these shorts will come as the team get ready for seasons 6 and 7 which are already heavily in development. So you’ll definitely want to stay tuned to see what else they bring to life.