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Rick and Morty Drop New Promos For Wendy’s and Next Week’s Episode

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The wait for Rick and Morty Season 5 has been incredibly long, to say the least, but last night, the fates shifted in the favor of fans as the premiere of Season 5 debuted and many are already praising the premiere for a whole variety of reasons. Not the least of which is just how insane the show continues to be. For proof that it hasn’t lost its touch, one only needs to look at the opening to the episode…which featured a Wendy’s ad.

No, really, the opening to Season 5 featured a Wendy’s ad in a very Rick and Morty manner. With the food being “alive” and stalking the titular characters in order to get them to promote their breakfast menu.

If your mind is recalling something, it’s likely because you recall how in Season 4 of the show, this happened as well. But in that “ad”, the show had the characters running away from these living breakfast items so that they could “escape promoting them”. This time though they are found and trapped, and as you can see, the only way to “escape” is by giving them Jerry. Yep, that makes total sense.

This isn’t the only set of ads that this show has done, such as the Super Bowl commercial for Pringles where Morty was a robot forced to get the others to promote Pringles and Rick realized that their entire home was basically an ad for Pringles. Clearly this show doesn’t mind doing that kind of thing if they can make it funny enough.

As for what fans can expect next from the show, a new promo has debuted for the next episode. And apparently, the show is going to show off one of the ramifications of the “Space Beth” storyline in that Rick has made “passable clones” of everyone in order to survive being hunted.