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Rick and Morty Creator Talks Ultimate “Cheat Code” With Series

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Anyone who has watched Rick and Morty is not only a very brave soul give how dark and wacky it can be, but also knows just how deep and complex its storytelling can be. It’s much more than the “crazy adventures of a scientist and his nephew”, but an examination of humanity, abuse on many levels, and so on and so forth.

One thing that recent seasons have fully embraced is that of the Multiverse, including literally ruining the original universe the characters of Rick and Morty were set in, and having them jump to another universe (where their dopplegangers were dead) and just living there. With Season 6 upcoming, the creator of the show talked about the multiverse and how it was a “cheat code” for a lot of what they did during an interview:

“Rick and Morty, the challenge is if thisĀ dude [Rick] can just do that, why doesn’t he just leave right now?” Dan Harmon explained. “And the nice answer is usually like, ‘Well, let’s not avoid that. Let’s not try to solve that problem. What would happen if he did leave?'”

“And so sometimes we do that, like… ‘let’s have him leave,” Harmon continued. “Let’s have him go home. He, he doesn’t wanna be here if he can, let’s just have him go home or to a different timeline and reach that.’ You know, we had that conversation as early as in season 1… that was a bigĀ Rick and Morty birth moment for us was going, ‘Let’s not be afraid of jumping this shark. Let’s have him move to a new earth in episode two or something. I guess that’s the big cheat code, right?”

Indeed, and they have expanded the Rick and Morty Multiverse in a variety of ways, and it likely won’t end when Season 6 comes around later this fall.