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Review: “Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession” is Still a Digital Delight

Digimon Adventure Tri Confession

Digimon Adventure Tri ConfessionDigimon Adventure Tri has been a standout set of films so far, able to continue from the original anime series, Digimon Adventure, and further develop its central cast. Previously children in Digimon Adventure, the original eight Digidestined are now older and prone to grown-up decisions. Tri’s reoccurring theme of change and adulthood is once again prominently on display for its third film, Confession, and this time around, the stakes are considerably higher.

When we last left off, the nine Digidestined — Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, TK, Kairi, and newcomer Meiko — are witness to a bombshell revelation when Meiko’s Digimon Partner, Meicoomon, is suddenly infected. Now it rains destruction on both the Digital World and Earth, presenting the Digidestined with a conundrum on what to do with her. The prospect grows grimmer when their own Digimon Partners show symptoms of being infected themselves.

Confession takes a drastic turn from the lighthearted fare of the previous two movies. Where Reunion and Determination gave the Digidestined the time they needed to undergo their personal development, Confession keeps blocking their progress while simultaneously forcing them into impossible situations. With the apocalyptic threat of Meicoomon, the Digital World responds with an upcoming reboot that will revert everything back to its original format in a bid to defeat her. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of the Digimon Partners’ memories, leaving our heroes on borrowed time. Finally, some of the previous mysteries are getting answers and the ensuing consequences are heartbreaking, culminating with a genuine twist I did not think they would have the guts to pull.

Each of the Digimon movie seek to focus on at least two of the Digidestineds. Confession centers on child prodigy Izzy and compassionate TK.

Digimon Adventure Tri ConfessionIn the original series, Izzy was an intellect both fascinated and bewildered by the Digital World. He stoically drew logical conclusions and was never far from his laptop, constantly glued to its screen for hours to the point where he ignored everything and everyone around him. His Digimon partner, Tentomon, often serves as his guide, admiring his vast knowledge while exposing him to experiences besides his computer. Izzy’s habit of losing himself to the virtual world was a defense mechanism to ignore personal issues he could not deal with at the time. Much of Confession has Izzy pulling the same as he obsessively tries to stop Meicoomon from destroying both worlds and eventually attempting to find a cure for the Digimon Partners. He’s unable to pry himself off his desktop, but instead of suppressing his problems as he did as a child, he expresses his fears much more visibly. Izzy is constantly prone to outbursts and time spent with his friends means he is much more honest with his feelings, even if he falls back into old habits. I find this realistic: just because Izzy learned to step away from his laptop doesn’t mean he gives up on it nor the vices he’s collected alongside; he just learned to manage those insecurities and vices a bit better.

Digimon Adventure Tri ConfessionIn the original series, TK spent time as the youngest of the Digidestined, making him the most precarious of the chosen ones and often reliant on his older brother, Matt. TK has since grown and is quite mature for his age, often keeping a pin on his emotions and retaining a level of hope and positivity that keeps his feet planted in reality. TK quickly finds out his Digimon Partner, Patamon, is the first to be infected. Instead of telling his comrades, TK keeps Patamon’s dilemma a secret and spends much of Confession in despair. In short, he’s acting like a kid again. This is understandable when you realize TK almost lost Patamon in Digimon Adventure, an event that has stuck with him for years. Unfortunately, the solution this time cannot be easily wrapped up, since growing up means you’re often caught between a rock and a hard place. Keep Patamon from the reboot and he’ll be fully infected; expose him to the reboot and Patamon will forget who TK is. There seem to be no good answers this time around, and the possibility that Patamon will be gone for good is too much for TK to bear. All he can do is hold him like a security blanket.

Digimon Adventure Tri: Confession is available in a Blu-ray/DVD combo that comes with a digital download of the movie (appropriately enough). A standard issue DVD also exists. Both versions include the extra “Anime Expo 2017 Premiere Panel with Cast Members Joshua Seth (Tai), Colleen O’Shaughnessey (Sora), and Jeff Nimoy (Tentomon), a 34-minute feature that interviews the three during their time in Anime Expo 2017. Both dubbed and subbed languages are available for the movie.

Confession is the best Digimon Adventure Tri movie yet. Again, the movie hits a home run with both Izzy and TK’s characters, and the story takes a massive shift after the slow-paced introduction of Reunion and Determination. Though the third movie moves the plot in a new direction, it still leaves burning questions behind, promising obstacles for our heroes to pass for the second half of the series. It has a lot to live up to, though, since Confession is exceptional.


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