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Revelations From The Nintendo Direct Micro Video


“Micro” meaning 17 minutes as opposed to the usual 30, and also meaning Nintendo’s marketing director Bill Trinen has been shrunk to 2/3 an amiibo’s size. For those who took a peek at the Nintendo Direct released for Japan yesterday, this new English version mentions most of the same games and confirms their localization for America.

Chibi Robo is coming back this October, this time trying a different genre on for size: the sidescrolling platformer. Chibi Robo can now use his plug as a whip to swing, attack and solve angular puzzles. Some editions of the game will come bundled with a Chibi Robo amiibo, all but guaranteeing its scarcity. Once Nintendo fully catches on, they will bundle an amiibo with every new game they launch and make an absolute killing in the market. The unfortunate side effect is nobody will be able to find a Nintendo game on store shelves anymore. Unless the amiibo is Mario.

A new Dr. Mario is coming to the eShop. Chances are good you already have this game in some form, so the deal will have to be sweetened….and it is. A new item called the Miracle Cure will introduce new strategy elements by granting special abilities like clearing all the viruses that are one color, or blowing away everything in the area like a bomb. Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure will be available June 11.

For those who wanted the newly-released Bravely Default sequel, Bravely Second, translated and released….you got it! The game will be brought over by Nintendo with the extended name Bravely Second: End Layer sometime in 2016.

Footage from the already-announced Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon was shown for the first time, and it was revealed that though only 20 Pokemon will be playable, all 720 Pokemon that have ever been invented in the franchise’s history will make appearances in the game. Once again the release date is a vague “winter.”

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games made its debut today. It may not be surprising the game will exist, but there will be a little more substance this time with full-fledged soccer matches and even golf games possible (golf is an Olympic sport now; today you learned something).

Finally Splatoon will be getting its first free update tonight at 7 Pacific / 10 Eastern with an NES Zapper weapon and a new map, Port Mackerel, to battle in. Nintendo promised Ranked Battle mode would become available once enough players reached Level 10, and they did so in record time, so it’s coming tonight as well.

It’s not even E3 and we’re already getting announcements like this. If this is what they have just lying around, what’s waiting for us behind the curtain? We will know in about 15 days….