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"Return to Xanadu"? More Like "Return to Sender"


So here I am, reviewing a kid’s film when I’m not exactly a kid. What’s a responsible critic supposed to do? Typically, I guess you do one of two things. Either you pour yourself a big bowl of Lucky Charms, pop the DVD into the player, and munch away while trying to put yourself into a child-like state of mind. Or you try to imagine afterwards how a child would view the movie while ignoring the animation flaws, dubbing errors, and all the other little things that you don’t remember noticing when you were younger.


Okay, I admit, only those who’ve seen a lot of animated movies would be bothered by these things. So I come back again to the question: You won’t like this film, but will your kids? Well, the cover art shouts “Kids Really Love This Movie.” Maybe we should just leave it at that, and not question how truthful the advertising department feels it has to be.