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Resident Evil 3, Babylon’s Fall And Other Revelations From Sony State Of Play


You never know what you’re going to get from Sony’s State of Play. Sometimes it’s big news, and sometimes it’s lackluster filler. But this time, we knew exactly what we were going to get, thanks to an accidental leak a few days ago. Resident Evil 3 is being remade, just like Resident Evil 2 was! It’s due out next April.

Last year Square Enix announced they were working together with acclaimed studio Platinum Games on something….today the curtain was raised on Babylon’s Fall, which looks like it’ll play similarly to the kind of frenetic action combat games Platinum is known for, only with a new rendering technique that makes the area look like a painting. More information about Babylon’s Fall will be released “next summer,” meaning E3.

Some of the environments in Babylon’s Fall look a lot like something you might see in Dreams, so it’s fitting we got a release date for the finished version: February 14. The game has been accessible in open beta for the last few months. More info on Dreams can be found in the separate article published earlier today.

Other revealed titles include Spellbreak, a battle royale where you attack with magic instead of guns….

You can also look forward to the PS4 release of Untitled Goose Game, something Switch got to enjoy as an exclusive in 2019. Plus the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC expansion, ReMind, has been dated for January 23.

Finally, if you wanted more info on the long=in-development Ghosts Of Tsushima….wait until the Game Awards later this month, where Sony promises they will tell more.