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Reggie Fils-Aime Talks Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online

Why does Nintendo think people will subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online? Will they make it worth it to us?

Nintendo has been one of the few console publishers to let players use their internet services for no charge. However, this September, that will change with Nintendo Switch Online. Despite being delayed a few times, Nintendo seems confident that this service won’t just work, but that it’ll be one all gamers can enjoy. At E3 2018, Reggie Fils-Aime had this to say about it:

“The Virtual Console successor is Nintendo Switch Online, right? With the mentality that says we’re going to be offering a slate of games, and it’s a slate that’s going to increase over time. For many of these games, there’s going to be additional online capability provided in those games. That’s the vision we have for how to best bring our legacy content to Nintendo Switch.”

As for why he thinks people will sign up for the online service, he noted:

“We do [believe people will subscribe], and I say that because what we’ve laid out is a proposition where, yes you get the competitive play accessibility, you also get the cloud save, and you get access to the legacy content. That’s a fantastic proposition for $20 a year. We believe that it’s not going to be any type of issue for us. In fact, it’s going to enable us to continue offering a varied slate of opportunities from an online experience standpoint.”

We’ll just have to see how successful they are when the service launches.