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Red Dead Online Getting Update To Curtail Griefing

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Tired of getting picked on by some jerk every time you boot up Red Dead Online? Justice may be riding into town…Rockstar will be updating the game soon to make griefing much harder to pull off. How will it work?

The main way players are targeted for griefing is via tracking on the map. After the update, visibility of player blips will be reduced over long distances….if someone is over 150 meters away, they will not show up unless they are currently firing their weapon. Further than that, in another town or region, they will not be visible at all.

If this doesn’t stop players from being cruel and aggressive, this might: the map is about to become more punishing to those who repeatedly break the law. Attacking other players or groups, killing them or their horses will increase your own visibility on the map.

Repeated and frequent acts of murder or violence will make it much harder for you to hide, as your dot changes color from blue to dark red and becomes more visible from great distances. You’ll become a bigger target for other jerks, and players who don’t want to deal with you will know how to avoid you. The only way to escape this fate is to start behaving; your presence on the map will eventually cool down to normal.

And just in case THAT’S not enough: players who rack up a long list of crimes and misdemeanors will trigger a more aggressive NPC AI. Bounty hunter bots will be seeking you out each time you log in — however, this kind of danger is only gained through large crimes like murders, not acts like petty theft.

The Red Dead Online update hits February 26. All mean players have two weeks left to be horrible people before the hammer comes down.