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Record Of Ragnarok Removed From Netflix In India

Record of Ragnarok

If you’ve been paying attention to Netflix over the last few years you’ll have noted that they’ve been on a tear in regards to going and getting all sorts of anime on their platform both past and present. As well as making new animes or adapting certain manga that haven’t been given the animated treatment before. When it works, it works well, but recently they’ve had a series of missteps, and one that seems to keep misstepping is that of Record of Ragnarok.

For those who don’t know the series, it’s a tale about how the gods have decided that they don’t think the human race is worth living anymore. But a final act by the Valkyries enacts a tournament putting man against god, with the first side getting 7 victories getting to decide the fate of man.

The manga has been in Japan for years but was adapted for Netflix and released quite recently. Or at least, released in most areas. For one reason or another, Record of Ragnarok is gone from India’s Netflix. And it’s not clear as to why.

However, fan speculation believes it’s because of how the Indian goddess Shiva is depicted in the series. Something that apparently an Indian activist of regard asked Warner Bros to omit from the series due to the depiction, but was ignored. Granted, this is not the confirmed reason, but TV shows and movies have been banned from certain countries due to how they depict certain figures in the past or present history of their lands.

This is just the latest issue with Record of Ragnarok in the eyes of fans. Because the anime adaptation has taken a lot of liberties with the animation of the show (I.E. Still shots and shifting them around to feign animation) as well as the looks of the characters, which is to say nothing of the story (including stating that Jack The Ripper was “a hero of man”). So we’ll just have to see how this all goes.