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Record of Agarest War Mariage Has Arrived On Steam

Record of Agarest War Mariage

Anything new on Steam? What’s this about Record of Agarest War Mariage?

A deep RPG experience has just landed on Steam in the form of Record of Agarest War Mariage. This game will put you in a kingdom besieged by a god, and only through your power, and the power of a sacred marriage, will you be able to save those around you.

For more details on the game, check out the features below:

  • Two Generations & Two Protagonists – Players will start the game as the main protagonist, Rain. As you progress, you and the maiden you choose will birth a child. You will then play as either Larc or Ciela and the second generation begins! The second generation hero also gains the skills of Rain plus the chosen maiden across all roles (Attacker, Defender, Healer, or Supporter), but note that there is a limit to how much you can choose.
  • Sacred Arts Skills – Each character can cast Sacred Art Skills that will help turn the tide of battle!
  • Link Attacks – There are three variations of the Link Attacks: Twin, Triple, and Quad attack. All three Link Attacks vary in name and are dependent on which character is using the attack.
  • Role – Each character has the option to choose to be an Attacker, Defender, Healer, or Supporter. Each character has a preferred role and is significantly better in a specific role than others because they are able to unlock more skills as that specific role. For example, Rain can learn 15 or so skills as an Attacker, but can only learn 5 skills as a healer.
  • Enhance – Skill trees are essential for character growth, especially when battling tougher bosses later in the game. Find the materials needed to upgrade the nodes in your skill tree and make your characters stronger! Most stat increases for your characters do not come from leveling, but from the skill tree, so make sure you upgrade!
  • Unification System – As a protagonist, you have the option to choose a maiden to fall in love with. The Unification System allows the player to get in touch with one of the maidens and also provides in-game benefits during battle. After each unification, the maiden raises her max GP, which in turn, allows the character to use more Sacred Arts skills.