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Rebecca Sugar Provides A Bigger “Answer”

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As Steven has pointed out, Garnet isn’t in a relationship, she IS a relationship. One of the standout episodes of Steven Universe’s latest season was “The Answer,” which revealed the backstory behind Garnet and how two Gems from different worlds, Ruby and Sapphire, met, fell in love and became of one existence. It’s that kind of tender and tragic love story that Rebecca Sugar excels at — this was, after all, the person behind the Simon and Marcy episode of Adventure Time.


Want some more? An expanded version of that cartoon will soon be sold in storybook form from Penguin Books, written by Sugar and illustrated by Elle Michalka and Tiffany Ford (who have storyboarded for the show). Rebecca announced the book’s creation excitedly on her Tumblr page: “I’m so in love with how this book came out, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it! It’s the classic story of how Ruby and Sapphire fell in love, but told in an entirely new way.”

You can preorder The Answer on Amazon. Presumably, Steven Universe will begin running new episodes again sometime in 2016. Hopefully before snow starts falling.