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Raya And The Last Dragon: The Super Bowl Trailer

raya and the last dragon

There was a time, not too long ago, when the Super Bowl was packed with movie trailers. Due to circumstances I don’t need to explain, Super Bowl LV was rather different, and throughout the entire (dismal, boring) game just two trailers for things that will be projected on a screen appeared. One was for a creepy Shaymalan flick that’s apparently about an island that ages you (unless there’s a twist coming, but I don’t think he does those anymore)…and the other was for Raya and the Last Dragon.

Despite this movie just having a trailer released two weeks ago, they did manage to give us a second peek that didn’t contain very many repeat clips. Now we know how the dragon handles jumping off cliffs:

The movie takes place in a fantasy world inspired by South Asian culture and home to five separate societies, all of which despise the four they don’t belong to. Warrior Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) dreams of uniting everyone, and believes the key to doing this is to track down a dragon….the very last one.

On her search, Raya meets a lot of zany characters who agree to join up with her, and with their help, she eventually does find the dragon. BUUUUT the moment Awkwafina’s raspy voice comes out of that dragon, Raya knows she’s in trouble. Just because Sisu is the last dragon doesn’t mean she’s the BEST dragon, so what will they do now? Who knows, maybe they can pull it off. (It IS a Disney movie; the odds are pretty high.)

Raya And The Last Dragon will be released on March 5. It IS getting a theatrical release, but you’ll have to be (1) one of the few to get a double-vaccine by the time it’s out and (2) near a theater that’s actually open. There will be a digital option, but it costs a whopping thirty dollars (on top of a Disney+ subscription).