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Raya and the Last Dragon Gets New Trailer

Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney has done a lot of different “princess tales” over the last decade or so, but with the upcoming Raya and the Last Dragon, things are definitely going to be more action-oriented in terms of what this “Disney Princess” does. And if you want proof of that, you need only look at the new trailer for the film that has come out.

Raya and the Last Dragon focuses on the titular Raya, who lives in a land that has been divided by strife and pain and the various tribes that live there now can’t agree on anything and don’t trust one another. When an ancient threat comes back to destroy them all, Raya must go and find the last dragon to save the land. But…as the trailer shows, the last dragon, Sisu, isn’t exactly what you would call the most “epic dragon” out there, and even Sisu knows it.

There’s a lot to be impressed about with this trailer. Not the least of which is the voice acting done by famous actors like Kelly Marie Tran, Daniel Dae Kim, and Benedict Wong. Furthermore, unlike in the teaser trailer, we get more of a scope about how the film will go in terms of its supporting cast and the villain that Raya will find herself going up against.

The film’s writers, Qui Nguyen and Adele Lim completely understand the importance of the film in terms of it being the first Southeast Asia princess for Disney and having this movie’s world be based on Southeast Asia (which you can see in the trailer in various ways.

For them, they didn’t just want the film to be a good representation of their culture, but to give younger children from Asia to see Raya and have a new “superhero”. Which was also a big reason why they worked hard to find the right voice actor for Raya, which Kelly Marie Tran apparently nailed in her first take.

The film will arrive in theaters and on Disney+ Premiere Access on March 5th.