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Ray Porter Is Darkseid In The Snyder Cut


The announcement of the release of the Snyder Cut has sent shockwaves throughout the internet and the movie realms that be. Fans are either fully on board with this motion or not. But what can’t be denied is the impact of the move. A “director’s cut” of a film is not unheard of, but an unfinished cut getting time and money to be finished and then put on a new streaming platform like HBO MAX? That’s something else. Another fruit that the Snyder Cut has revealed though…is the voice of Darkseid.

In fact, the voice actor for the legendary character was revealed on Twitter by the VA himself:

Porter noted in numerous interviews that he had been keeping this secret since 2016, and that he had done “extensive work” with Zack Snyder to make sure his Darkseid voice was perfect for the film. Porter also noted that once his part in the theatrical version of Justice League was removed, he was afraid to tell anyone about it until permission was given, and now it has with the announcement of the Snyder Cut coming.

If you’re hoping to hear the voice of Porter as the dark god of Apokolips, you’ll be waiting for a while. Because Porter noted that you will hear it first when the Snyder Cut arrives, and only then. He detailed how hard it was to do the voice because it’s very dark and powerful and not something his voice does naturally.

His work with Snyder on Darkseid included him having many scenes with Steppenwolf, who became the villain of Justice League after cuts were made. But according to him, not only does the two New Gods have more in the Snyder Cut, Porter wants to continue to play Darkseid for Snyder via the second Justice League movie that Snyder wants to make.

Whether that actually happens or not will indeed depend on the reaction when the finished film arrives on HBO Max in 2021.