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Ralph Breaks The Internet: New Trailer

ralph breaks the internet

Even with gigantic disproportioned hands, how can one man break the entire Internet? Ralph, like life, finds a way. What’s new in the latest Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer?

The biggest news is this: what’s that one scene that everybody has been demanding to see ever since word leaked out about it? It is, of course, the bit where Vannellope walks into a room and finds every single Disney princess there (except for Eilonwy, Kida, Candy from Dave the Barbarian…)

It’s finally revealed, and we get to see a lot of it. The scene is part of a trip to OhMyDisney.com (a real site), the source of a VERY self-referential string of gags on how massive the Disney company has become in recent years. The princess scene doesn’t disappoint and they weren’t afraid to go wild with it. Cinderella breaking her shoe and using it as a weapon is some new territory.

We also see a lot more of the Internet this time. Unfortunately, The (blech) Emoji Movie has beaten them to the punch on some of these visual gags; we’ve already seen Twitter rendered as literal birds. Hopefully filmgoers will have already forgotten about that lesser film once this finally hits in November.

When the first trailer was released, everybody said “Shouldn’t that be Ralph WRECKS The Internet?” They seem to have addressed that in their own way, not by changing the title, but….well, you’ll see:

Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 opens November 21, 2018. Disney also revealed the poster this morning, which looks like this:

ralph breaks the internet