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PS5 Showcase To Arrive This Wednesday


The next full generation of gaming consoles is drawing ever closer. While the Nintendo Switch is out right now and is dominating the market, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 are slowly making their way into the world. So much so that many are wondering about the finer details about their launches. The Xbox Series X recently revealed their two versions priced at $499 and $299. But as for the PlayStation 5, things are still a bit up in the air. That is…until next week.

Because the official PlayStation twitter handle revealed that the PS5 is going to be coming to a special showcase that’ll broadcast live this Wednesday at 1PM PST/3PM CST/4PM EST. So make sure you plan for it accordingly.

Of course, the biggest questions surrounding the PlayStation 5 is that of its price, release window and the games that will be on it at launch. We only have one of those three answers in part via the games that have been announced for launch or its launch window. However, most people agree that the confirmed titles are a bit…light. So what really might be the selling point is the price and the release window for the system.

There have been many wild speculations about how much it’ll be worth and when it comes out. “Holiday 2020” is the confirmed time at present for both it and the Xbox system. But does that mean this year? Does that mean sometime in 2021? Holiday 2020 technically means anywhere from November 2020 to January 2021. Now, obviously, if they release it before Thanksgiving or Christmas they can bank in on the holiday sales rush, but given the pandemic world, is that the best option?

As for price, that it the major factor here. PlayStation in past has doomed itself at times because of its price. The PS3 was way too expensive, but the PS4 was much better and thus has become a MEGA-Seller.

So what will these answers be? We’ll find out this Wednesday…hopefully.