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PS5 Already Getting Praised For “Fast Loading Speeds”


At present, there is only one “next-gen” console out on the market, and that’s the Nintendo Switch, which has innovated the market by making console games portable to the highest level while also bringing a very impressive first-party lineup. The other contenders in the next-gen party are the Xbox Series X and the PS5. Both of which are dedicated to bringing forth the best possible graphics and the best possible speeds for games to run faster, look better, and more.

There’s still a lot we DON’T known about the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. Including certain titles that’ll be out at launch, their prices and more. But in regards to the PS5, things are slowly starting to be said about the power of the system. The PlayStation Blog had developers who are working on games for the PlayStation 5 come forward and reveal a great deal about how fast the SSD of the system is.

According to developers who are working on Far Cry 6 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, things are going to be very quick. From load times that are virtually non-existent, to being able to do fast-travel in literal seconds, and of course, faster rendering that’ll allow for even more details to be put into areas. The Spider-Man: Miles Morales team promised that their city is going to look “better than ever” thanks to the power of the PS5 SSD and more.

While this all sounds nice, and indeed it is nice overall, you can’t help but wonder if there will be drawbacks to this. Including how we STILL don’t know the price point for the system and when it’s going to release. The original goal was “Holiday 2020”, but will that still hold?

And if it’s so powerful and so fast, doesn’t that mean it’ll be in the $500 range or higher? Fans are eager to find out as the countdown continues.