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Project Starship Launches Today


“Project Starship” launches today on PlayStation 4 in the Americas, tomorrow, February 12, 2020, in Asia and Europe [as well as on Xbox One] and on Friday, February 14, 2020 [Valentine’s Day!] on Nintendo Switch in Europe and the Americas – for $4.99 [with a 20% launch discount on some platforms].


But just what is “Project Starship? It is a 2D “bullet hell shoot’em up” where you play in the roles of Garret or Gwen, pilots who have been charged with saving their world from an ancient evil. It is your job as Garret or Gwen to navigate the “absolute madness” of the randomly generated levels, then keep your composure and deal with the “epic and adrenaline-packed” battles with the unknown enemies and obstacles where everything and everyone is obscure and mysterious.


As Garret or Gwen, you will find yourself either adapting to your new and strange environment or merely evading and surviving the randomly generated challenges that – despite being random –  are never the same challenges twice. As Garret or Gwen, you will take down both gods and demons alike while diving deeper to confront the hidden eye that watches over all.


Features include:


• Your choice of playing as either a male or female pilot.

• Saving the world from an ancient evil. [which should be a feature in every game]

• Challenging evil gods and mad demons and giving them a taste of their own medicines!

• Diving into the unknown and defeating the Hidden Eye!

• Adapting, evading and blasting your way through a randomized galaxy.



Don’t forget to use the “President Button”!