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Prepare To Go Bonkies In Summer 2020


Space? Monkeys? What’s not to like? But you will have to wait a bit as “Bonkies” will be arriving in Summer 2020.


It is the future – perhaps the “near” future, who really knows? – and monkeys have been provided with jetpacks and giant bionic robotic arms and employed as builders of something, anything they can think of and it does not even have to be useful or functional, it could be art!


“Bonkies” is a space construction game for 1-4 players powered by physics-based mechanics and enhanced with teamwork chaos. Each player takes control of their highly qualified astronaut/space engineer monkey, equipped with a bionic arm and a jetpack which they will use toward their mission to colonize the wild – or rather, final – frontiers of the Solar System.


“Bonkies” features both single and multiplayer campaigns as your space monkey engineers visit construction sites dotting the solarscape and work as teams in vying for the best times, collecting bananas to fuel your spaceship or merely showing off your space-colonizing prowess.


Key features include…

Teamwork [or not] – Up to four players can work together to create constructions by stacking heavy blocks with surgical precision, or fail miserably by “accidentally” messing up and dropping everything on your teammates heads.

Construction challenges – Take on physics-based construction challenges that will put both your team’s dexterity and cooperation to the test.

Assemble your tools – Solve the challenges using a variety of special tools. There is the powerful jet-block, the attractive magnet-block as well as the versatile support beams.

Explore the solar system – Build on familiar locations such as our own moon, Mars, Jupiter’s moon, Europa or Saturn’s moon, Titan and maybe even infamous planet/not-a-planet Pluto – as long as it has a buildable surface [so no building floating cities on Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune or Uranus just yet].