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PR Cartoon Network Sneak Peeks New Animated GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE, Ratings Grow


One week prior to its official new series launch, Cartoon Network presented a “sneak peek” of its highly-anticipated all-new animated program, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE (Friday, 9 p.m.), posting triple-digit ratings and delivery increases across kids 6-11 and kids 2-11, according to preliminary data from Nielsen Media Research. To help prepare audiences for the comedy mis-adventures of the vine-swinging George, Cartoon Network also aired the 1997 live-action George of the Jungle movie starring Brendan Fraser (7-9 p.m.), which charted outstanding double- and triple-digit gains across key kids demos. In tandem with its original series Out of Jimmy’s Head (9:30 p.m.) and Chowder (10 p.m.), the network’s Friday night franchise Fried Dynamite (7-11 p.m.) racked up more than 50% overall increases across kids 6-11 and 2-11 delivery and ratings.

Highlights of GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE‘s sneak peek performance, as well as Fried Dynamite’s overall presentation vs. the same time period last year include the following:

GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE Sneak Peek (Friday, 9 p.m.) vs. the same 2007 time period

  • Kids 6-11 delivery (672,000) catapulted by 110%, and ratings (2.8) by 115%
  • Kids 2-11 delivery (979,000) improved by 103%, and ratings (2.4) by 100%
  • Boys 6-11 delivery (464,000) expanded by 72%, and ratings (3.7) by 68%
  • Boys 2-11 delivery (702,000) grew by 88%, and ratings (3.4) by 89%

Fried Dynamite (Friday Night Franchise, 7-11 p.m.) vs. the same 2007 time period

  • Kids 6-11 delivery (675,000) increased by 54%, and ratings (2.8) by 56%
  • Kids 2-11 delivery (964,000) rose by 55%, and ratings (2.4) by 50%
  • Boys 6-11 delivery (456,000) and ratings (3.7) both jumped by 32%
  • Boys 2-11 delivery (648,000) raced ahead by 37%, and ratings (3.1) by 35%

Get ready to catch junglemania with George of the Jungle, star of the original TV series that premiered in 1967, now re-imagined for today’s kids. Forty-one years after the original George of the Jungle, from creative genius Jay Ward, join George as he protects the jungle of Mbebwe—a wild playground packed with quirky creatures, creepy villains and wacky wilderness adventures. George’s jungle family includes his best buddy, an ape named Ape, friends Ursula and Magnolia, his faithful dog Shep (actually an elephant) and the lovable Tookie-Tookie bird. For these friends, every day is a new adventure full of mishaps, mayhem and monkey business where there’s always another tree to crash into.

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RATING PERIOD: 1/07/08 – 1/13/08

SOURCE: Turner Entertainment Research from Preliminary Nielsen Media Research data, based on most current data available (Live+SD). Complete and final data (Live+7) will be available in two weeks. These television ratings data are reproduced here with permission from Nielsen Media Research. Reproduction of these data in volume, without permission from Nielsen Media Research, is prohibited.

NOTES: All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 112,800,000 homes.