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PR: Aardman & British Council Announce “Learning Time With Timmy 2” App


New app, Learning Time with Timmy 2, keeps consumer feedback at its core to challenge children more.

Press Image 03 - PhotographyAward-winning studio Aardman and the British Council launch their second app in the Learning Time with Timmy series on Thursday April 7th 2016. The app is designed to develop cognitive skills and English language development in young children, principally those learning English as a second language aged six and under, but also native English-speaking children aged 4 and under who are gaining confidence in their mother tongue.

In Learning Time with Timmy 2, children choose from three games to practise over 60 new English words with Timmy and his friends, the stars of the popular Timmy Time series.

The team of developers at the British Council and Aardman conducted research with both native-speaking and non-native speaking parents and children in three countries (Chile, Thailand and the UK) and worked with the Good App Guide, part of Fundamentally Children, to make the apps even more intuitive and accessible.

The second app contains more challenging games that aid child development across a range of universally key skills from dexterity to concentration.

In each of the three games, children listen to audio narration to complete set tasks. Rub-a-Dub boosts motor skills as children swipe away buttons to identify progressively more complex items, while the Magic Box game hones cognitively-demanding skills like sorting and classifying. New game I Spy boosts concentration and accuracy as the narrator asks children to find objects hidden in a busy scene.

The app features an expanded reward section, so after completing each stage of a game, children are awarded videos, stickers and sticker play areas. This gives them an incentive to keep returning to the app where they can learn more English words, unlock more rewards and have even more fun!
Parents can be confident their children are in safe hands as the British Council have made sure the app does not feature in app purchases or advertisements, making this an ideal app for parents who are looking to provide their children with a fun and safe activity that can inspire their children to learn English.

Neil Ballantyne, Mobile Learning Manager at the British Council, says;

“The key to success for this app is developing something that children really engage with and learn from. We know from observation and the feedback children have given us that we have built something both fun and educational.”

Lorna Probert, Head of Digital Production at Aardman, says;

“We’re delighted to be continuing our partnership with the British Council using Timmy to bring the English language to life for young learners. Developing a second app in the series has allowed us to analyse how children played with the first app – what they loved and what aspects we could adapt and improve. This invaluable process has enabled us to create a new experience which is even more fun and rewarding for our young audience to further encourage their English language development.”

Learning Time with Timmy 2 will be available from 7th April 2016 in the Apple, Google Play and Amazon App stores worldwide for GBP 2.29. It will be available for all devices.

For more information please visit http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/parents/apps/learning-time-with-timmy-2 .

Learning Time with Timmy 2 is part of a global partnership portfolio between the British Council and Aardman that delivers English language learning for two to six year olds. For more information on the partnership and other initiatives please visit https://www.britishcouncil.org/shaun-timmy