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Potential Reason For Ruby Rose’s Departure From Batwoman Revealed!


The CW/DC Comics collaborations (also known as the Arrowverse) have been going on since 2012 via Arrow. Later came The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, and then, Batwoman. This last one was a major addition to the universe because Batman and his cast of characters (outside of a few small ones like Firefly) were deemed “off limits”. So when Kate Kane was brought in, it marked a major turn for the CW and television itself because it would feature the first LGBTQ+ lead in a series while also being portrayed by a LGBTQ+ actress in Ruby Rose.

However, yesterday, the world was stunned when Batwoman herself revealed that she was departing the show after just one season. At first, no one was speaking as to why this was happening. However, sources at Deadline are painting quite the curious picture as to why it was a “mutual leaving”.

So what exactly happened? In short, Ruby Rose was not “mentally prepared” for all the things that being a full-time TV actress was going to do to her. Ruby has been a part of many movies (including The Meg and John Wick 2) as well as recurring roles on TV shows like Orange is the New Black. However, those were nothing compared to a months-long schedule to film a series like Batwoman.

Also, as noted months earlier, she suffered a severe injury while doing a stunt and nearly died. No doubt putting a taint on things as filming continued. Deadline states that these many factors led to Rose being bitter, and not being good to work around as the season progressed.

As such, her, along with the cast and crew, agreed that it was just best that Rose left.

This is a HUGE blow to the show, as not only was it renewed for a second season, but, fans really did like Rose as Kate Kane. Granted, nothing will truly change outside of a new actress being Kane, but in the history of the Arrowverse, this has never truly happened before. No lead role has ducked out in this way and needed to be replaced.

All eyes are on Warner Bros and the CW now to see who will wear the cowl next.