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Post-E3 Breath Of The Wild Revelations

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Nintendo only had one playable game at E3 this year, but they hit a bullseye with one bullet. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the most popular game on the show floor by far. 150 kiosks were running the game, and despite this, the line to play it stretched throughout the entire area.

Now those kiosks have been disconnected, but there’s still more information being discovered about Breath of the Wild. For one thing, it turns out Monolith Soft has been aiding Nintendo in building this game. It’s not much of a shock when you compare the vast vistas of Monolith’s Xenoblade games to the equally immense world Link ran around in during the demo (which we’re told is a mere 1% of the game world in its entirety).

What IS surprising is that this isn’t a new practice. Monolith Soft also contributed to the development of the last Zelda game, Skyward Sword, as well as the last one for handhelds, A Link Between Worlds on 3DS. In fact, MS has run code for a lot of Nintendo games recently…they can be found on the credits of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Splatoon and Pikmin 3.

One other fact about Breath of the Wild has come out recently, but this time it was a fan discovery: the Hylian language seen on doors and objects is fully translatable. Each symbol corresponds to a letter in English, and using “THE LEGEND OF ZELDA” and working backwards, the community at NeoGAF has begun decoding the scenery to find messages.

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This is actually “CARE UNIT” repeated over and over.


This is the only real hidden message in the game…everything else says what you’d expect it to say in English.

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See what else you can find!