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Pokemon Sword and Shield Producer Doesn’t Regret Pokemon Choices

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The Pokemon Sword and Shield games are coming to Nintendo Switch in just a matter of weeks, and fans are really excited. However, many are also a bit miffed that the franchise won’t let them “Catch’em All” for the first time in the main series. Because Sword and Shield won’t have all the Pokemon of the franchise in the new games at launch.

The backlash to this decision was very big, and many have wondered if Game Freak would try and fix that after the backlash. But, in an interview with VG 24/7, Producer Junichi Masuda noted that while he understands the players frustrations, he and the rest of the team don’t regret what they did.

“It’s not necessarily that it’s made us rethink things per se, but what we are always looking at for the future is what we can do to make the most interesting game possible and make a more enjoyable, richer experience for the fans,” said Masuda.

The producer continued:

“For example, when we add new moves and abilities we create a deeper experience for everyone to enjoy. This time around we can also give people a greater attachment to the Pokemon that are in the game, which is something we think is very important. So we definitely – we don’t have regrets about what we’ve done.”