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Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions Getting Special Direct Tomorrow

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While there have been many hits on the Nintendo Switch, one of the biggest by far is that of Pokemon Sword and Shield, which was a true revolution for the Pokemon franchise in many ways. Including the first mainline game to come to console, the first to truly have open-world elements, and the first to dive into expansion material.

The first expansion was the Isle Of Armor that came out in June, and fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Crown Tundra. On that front, we might have some big news as Nintendo is going to do a special update video/Direct tomorrow on the Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions. This comes directly from the Pokemon twitter handle, and the image used seems to indicate that both The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra is going to be talked about. Though whether we’ll get a release date on the latter is not confirmed, though it is expected.

There were a lot of differences when making The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. For example, The Isle of Armor was more about training a new Pokemon, meeting some new trainers and having more classic Pokemon enter the game. However, with The Crown Tundra, not only is there a new legendary Pokemon to catch, but Raid Battles are going to have a LOT of legendaries from the past games for you to catch.

It’s unclear what updates The Isle Of Armor is going to have, but given that it wasn’t the most well-received piece of Nintendo content, it’s possible that they’re going to respond to fan requests and suggestions and see where things land. Only time will tell, but we wouldn’t be surprised if The Crown Tundra arrives soon because Nintendo’s lineup as of recently has been very thin and this could easily shake things up.