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Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC Causing Problems, Refunds Issued For Some

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Pokemon Sword and Shield was a major success on the Nintendo Switch when it came out. It sold over 16 million copies in just about a month between both copies and the bundles, and then early on in 2020, the Pokemon Company announced an Expansion Pass. This Expansion Pass would cover two different DLCs, The Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra. These were seen as major advancements in the Pokemon franchise, though it did cause major confusion.

Mainly, unlike other Expansion Passes, the games don’t have universal content. Rather, like Pokemon Sword and Shield’s main games, there is content for Pokemon Sword, and content for Pokemon Shield. Including key parts of the story, and certain trainers/Pokemon you meet. As such, people have been getting the wrong DLC and causing problems with their playing experiences as they don’t have the right content to play.

As a result, if you have been one of the ones who have gotten the wrong content, you need to go to the Contact Us Page at the Nintendo website and reveal what happened. If you do, you’ll get a refund for the content. This is a very proactive thing for Nintendo to do, and no doubt gamers will be grateful.

The first part of the Expansion Pass DLC, the Isle of Armor has already released, which is part of the download problem, but hopefully this’ll be fixed. Mainly because the content is meant to expand Pokemon Sword and Shield in ways that will please gamers heavily. Not the least of which is that they’re going to be getting more Pokemon than in the original games via this expansion. And even more are coming later this year via The Crown Tundra.

Nintendo will no doubt keep an eye out for more problems, but if you’re going to download the DLC, make sure you know which Pokemon game you’re downloading it for.