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Pokemon Snap Comes To Wii U Virtual Console

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It took until the eleventh hour, but for those of you who still have your Wii Us plugged in, Pokemon Snap will finally be playable on the console in a few hours. The N64 classic is not only unique among Pokemon games, but games period — it’s a one-of-a-kind experience where you’re set on a rail track and your singular goal is to take pictures of what happens.

The game’s central character has also never been seen again…in keeping with tradition, he was to be named Snap until it was changed to Todd at the last minute, allegedly because of threats from Rice Krispies. (Todd also appeared in the anime’s first season, and a pre-revision dub with the “Snap” name accidentally aired in reruns and exists in the wild.)

What took this game so long? It could be because the Wii version (which is still purchasable on Wii U if you put it into Wii mode) contained an additional function that allowed players to send photos to people on their Friends List. As the Wii U version has yet to launch, we can’t find confirmation of a similar alteration for Wii U — but with the ability to take screens of ANY game and post them on Miiverse, it may be moot either way.

Fans of Pokemon Snap are still hoping for a sequel, but after nearly eighteen years, it doesn’t look likely. However, there is a picture-taking minigame within Pokemon Sun and Moon called Poke Finder. It’s not quite the same, but it’ll have to do.