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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Trailer Coming Out Tomorrow!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The world of Pokemon games has been doing incredible over the last few years. As between the mobile titles like Pokemon Go, Masters, and Magikarp Jump, and the console titles like Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl, Let’s Go, Arceus, and New Pokemon Snap, they have been making a LOT of money for The Pokemon Company. However, that doesn’t mean that the company is going to “rest on its laurels”. Far from it. Because Pokemon Scarlet And Violet is coming, and we’ll be getting more information about it tomorrow!

The news came via the official Pokemon Twitter feed, and as you can see, they’re teasing not just a trailer, but a potential wealth of information via that trailer.

While that may sound odd, it needs to be noted that the “reveal trailer” for Pokemon Scarlet And Violet was very much a bare bones look at things. We saw the three starter Pokemon for the region, but that’s it Pokemon-wise. Furthermore, they focused on the 3D world and talked about how it would be expansive and interconnected like Legends Arceus was. But to a greater degree.

So as such, we have a lot we still need to learn about Gen IX, and how it’ll affect our way of viewing the Pokemon world. Will we get a look at some new Pokemon? More than likely. Will we get the name of the region for Gen IX? Very likely. Or how about the legendaries? Will we find out why these games are called Scarlet and Violet? It’s a possibility!

All in all, Pokemon fans have a lot of reasons to be excited because there is honestly a lot that can go into one of these trailers, and the possibilities are going to keep fans guessing all the way until tomorrow morning. So stay tuned for the trailer!